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Frequently asked questions.

The expiry date of Choy-San is 5 years.There is no renewal of the expiry date for BANKIT Me (Choy-San) Contract,so be careful not to leave the balance. Please check the expiry date on the Choy-San app Visa Card information display. If there is 04/20、you can use it until April 2020.
please cancel from the Choy-San App Home→My pagee→Notification Settings.
If the app does not start,the following causes are possible.
・Using a Tablet.
・There is not enough memory.
・If it is not a designated OS.
There is predetermined fee for use of the following services.
・Seven Bannk ATM withdrawals (free once a month ):110 yen (tax included)
・Refund of Choy-San balance : 550 yen (tax included)
・Real card issue :550 yen (tax included)
・Usage statement issuance :220 yen (tax included)
・Pin number notification: 220 yen (tax included)
・Overseas emergency reissue:15,000 yen (tax incuded)
※Identity are required advance to use the service.Please check following for a product overview.
▼ BANKIT Me (Choy-San) Product Overview
▼ BANKIT You (Choy-San) Product Overview
>Choy-San official site is here
There is no membership fee or annual fee.
>Choy-San official site is here
Anyone from 13 years or older and who are living in Japan can use it.
However,it is not available in the following cases:
■ If you do not agree to the Terms of Use
■ People using non-designated terminals
■ If you are using an OS that is not specified.
■ Minors without the consent of their parents.
>Choy-San official site is here
Choy-San is a Wallet service that allows you to deposit and do shopping after you install the App.
■ There is no entrance fee or annual fee.
■ When you install the app,you will be issued a "Virtual Card- Visa Prepaid Card exclusively for the Internet" without the need for verification procedures.
■ you can charge the amount that you want to use in advance and use it for shopping at shopping merchants within the range of Choy-San balance.
■ Various such as Bank ATM charge such as Seven Bank ATM charge and credit card charge are available.
■ If you use it for charging and shopping or send money you can immediately check the usage details in the app.
■ You can use the wallet service 24 hours a day from the application and change the limits,that you can use it safely and safely.
■ you can send the money between friends in Choy-San.
>Choy-San official site is here
We take 3-5working days to verify the identity.
If the result of identity verification is incomplete, please check the following.
■ Request for the Confirmation of input contents
"Please make sure that the customer information you entered, matches the information on your identity verification documents."
■ Request to confirm the upload image
"Please make sure that the image of the identity verification you uploaded is not clear, there ia no image error, or there is no any shortage of image points."
Identification documents must be submitted at least two points.
"Residence Card:If there is a change of name or address, the backside is also required."
"Various health insurance cards:If you have an address column on the back side of the card type,you will also need to submit the back side too."
* Click here for details on the combination of identity verification documents
If you are unable to upload your identity verification documents, the following possibilities are possible.
■ Upload image size exceeds 5Mb.
Please change the setting of you smartphone camera and take a picture again.
■ Identify verification service is under maintainance
Please take a time and try it again.
3D secure is the password registered with the card issuer to authenticate the person identification and international brands such as VISA and Mastercard to prevent spoofing ,This is recommended identity verification service.
At Choy-San,Aplus issued the credit cards which is 3D secure,when registering for charge we have introduce personal identification.
You must submit at least two points of identification documents.For example:Residence Card+various Health insurance cards.
Residence card:If there is a change of name or address,the back side is also requires.
Various health insurance cards: If you have an address column on the back side of the card type, you will also need to submit the back side.
* Click here for details on the combination of identity verification documents
This is the procedure for entering the personal information and sending the identification document. There is a convenient service that can be used after identity verification is completed. Please proceed from Choy-San app My page → Identity verification.
It will take 3-5 working days to verify your identity.
Choy-San App  You can change it from my page → account settings → personal information change.
If you enter your password more than a certain number of times, Choy-San app will be suspended. Please log in → SMS authentication to reset your password.
User ID (email address) can only be used once.
You cannot register with the same user ID (email address) as before.
"The password must be at least 7 characters including half-width letters, numbers and symbols."
* If you enter the wrong password a certain number of times, it will be locked.
* Please note that you cannot change the password you have set in the past four times.
Choy-SanPlease change it from App Home Screen → My Page → Account Settings.
If you enter your PIN incorrectly a certain number of times, it will be locked and You will not be able to use Choy-San app.
Please contact the customer desk, Perform the PIN reset procedure.
* If you want to reissue your real card It will take time to reset the PIN.
The pin number is a 4 digit number that is used while withdrawaling the money from the seven bank.It is used when verifying your identity,Please be careful not to forget it.
Each user is required to use only one account. Having multiple account violates the agreements and the subject might be usage restriction or account deletion.
you can change the PIN number that is used for the shopping and using for the withdrawal fro Seven bank ATM.
You can change it from Choy-San App Home → My Page → Change PIN.
Customers who issued a real card must reissue the card.
A fee of 500yen+consumption tax will be charged for card reissue.
* If you enter the wrong PIN for a certain number of times,it will be locked and cannot be changed. In that case Please contact the customer desk.
If you cannot receive the verification code of your email address, please check the following.
・ Please check your email address and try again.
receiving message may be delayed in places where the codition of the receiver is not good,so please try again in a place where the reception environment is good.
・ If you have set to receive emails to prevent spam, please remove the domain designation (@
If you cannot verify the SMS, please check the following.
・ The code may have been entered Please try to issue the authorization code again.
"・ The verification code has an expiration date,If you are not certified in time, you will need to reissue it.
If you cannot receive SMS, please check the following items.
■ The radio wave (communication) status of your device
SMS is sent using the radio waves of the mobile operator.
If the reception environment of the radio wave is bad, it may take time to receive it or you may not be able to receive it. Please try again in a place with good communication environment.
■ Telephone number of the terminal used
A phone number that can receive SMS is required for Choy-Sancontract.
you can not use the services and cannot create an account if the phone number that doesnot support sms.
※If the phone number changes due to the device change ,please contact to the customer desk.
■ Reception settings, etc. on your device
If you had set to not receive SMS, or set to reject messages from anyone other than the registrant, you cannot receive the authentication code.
■ You have exceeded the storage capacity of SMS
Please delete unnecessary data and try to issue the authorization code again.
Change your passcode using the Choy-San app Please change from Home screen → My page → Change passcode.
Please uninstall the Choy-San app and reinstall it. Then, perform the following operations depending on the terminal you are using.
■ For iPhone
Log in again with your registered user ID (email address) and password. After that, switch the authentication method to biometrics (fingerprint, faceID) from My Page and select change passcode. You can reset the passcode.
■ For Android
Log in again with your registered user ID (email address) and password. Switch to the passcode reset screen and reset the passcode.
* The card number, Choy-San balance, and usage details before uninstalling will be carried over even after the reinstallation.
The following 4-digit numbers cannot be registered. Please check the details entered.
■ Four digits of the same number (Example: 1111)
■ Consecutive 4-digit numbers (Example: 1234, 4321, 8901)
■ Part of personal information (eg, date of birth, month, date, numbers related to mobile phone number)
Reliable setting is a function that allows customers to set their own usage limit.It can be set from Choy-San app Home → My page →Reliable
You can continue to use Choy-San even if the device is replaced due to model change or repair. No new registration is required.
・ Check your registered information from "My Page" on the Choy-San App Home of the device before the model change and "log out".
“Log In” on the new device.
※If the phone number changes,please contact the customer desk separately.
User ID (email address), password, phone number change.
please change from Choy-San app home screen → My page → Account settings
Click the  Login button to register your user ID
Please enter your (email address) and password to log in.
Please confirm the correct email address or the email address you registered.
・ Reception may be delayed in places where the reception environment is not good, so please try again in a place where the reception environment is good.
・ If you have set to receive emails to prevent spam, please remove the domain designation (@
>Click here for the Choy-San offical page.
Please note that an error will occur in the following cases.
・ If the company code is different, an error will occur.
・ If the Choy-San balance exceeds the upper limit, an error will occur and full money will be given back.
・ There is a transaction limit for each transaction once a day.
It is not a deposit or savings accepted by banks, so interest rates will not apply.
There is no limit to the number of charges.
You can use it immediately after completing the charging procedure. If the Choy-San balance display does not change, click the balance update button.
If you contract to BANKIT Me(Choy-San), the expiration date will not be updated.The Choy-San balance will no longer be available after the expiration date.In addition, we do not refund the Choy-San balance because it is a prepaid payment method.Please use so that the balance of Choy-San will be 0 yen by yourself.BANKIT Me(Choy-San)" display based on the Fund Settlement Law "
Only Japanese Yen can be charged.
Please check if you have entered an amount that exceeds the available withdrawal amount. Please check the wallet menu on the Choy-San app home screen for the withdrawal amount.
Also, the Choy-San balance from credit card charge is a non-withdrawable balance.
Please note that you cannot withdraw at Seven Bank ATMs.
The registered credit card has might expired,
It may not be usable. Please check the validity of the card.
Please check the following for the maximum charge amount.
▼ BANKIT Me(Choy-San) Product Overview
▼ BANKIT You(Choy-San) Product Overview
Other credit card cannot be used for charge only the credit card which is issued from Aplus can be used.
Only one credit card can be registered.
The balance that can be charged to the Choy-San balance is as follows.
■ Before identity verification
Main wallet: 100,000 yen
Sub Wallet: 100,000 yen
■ After identity verification
Main wallet: 1,000,000 yen
Sub Wallet: 2,000,000 yen
You cannot cancel the charge.
The registration of the credit card for charging is deleted.
・ Choy-San app Home → Charge → Select credit card charge
・ Please delete from "Delete credit card for charge".
Shopping with VISA cards (virtual cards / real cards), It can be used for QR code payment.
The balance of Choy-San may or may not be withdrawn is depending on the means of charging.
"[A] Charge method that reflects the withdrawable balance: SevenBank ATM charge, Bank transfer charge"
"[B] A charge method that reflects the non-withdrawable balance... Credit card charge"
■ Available services
You can charge by transfer from any financial institution.
・ Choy-San App Home → Charge → Select bank transfer charge
"Please make a transfer from a financial institution that the account linked to the customer is displayed."
* A separate financial institution fee may be charged.
"* If the account name of the transfer source is different,it may not be charged correctly."
If you cannot get the charged, please contact the customer desk.
You can charge using the Seven Bank ATM.
* One time charge is possible within the range of 1,000 yen to 30,000 yen.
You can charge by registering the credit card issued by Aplus Co., Ltd.
・ Choy-San app Home → Charge → Select credit card charge
Please register from "Add credit card".
* A charge of 1,000 to 20,000 yen can be made once, and 1,000 to 50,000 yen can be charged after identity verification.
* Credit card requires 3D secure authentication registration.
The following charging methods are available.
■ Credit card charge
■ Seven Bank ATM charge
■ Bank transfer charge
we can only deliver to your registered home address.
There is no ETC card or family card available.
Only one card will be issued.
The name of the card`s face is BANKIT Me(Choy-San)MBER, and the customer's name is not printed. Please use the signature on the back.
Only VISA can be choosen.
We do not require forwarding and will be delivered by simple registered mail.
Please enter the" BANKIT MEMBER "printed on the surface of the card.The expiration date will be displayed in the Christian era.
* If "04/20" is written, it can be used until April 2020.
Please fill in the signature of the customer who is signing on the back of the card.
It will be shipped in about 1 week after application. Please proceed from Choy-San app My page → Identity verification.
* A fee (500 yen + tax) will be charged for reissuing the card.
* It usually takes about 1 week to deliver the card.
* It may take longer than usual during Golden Week and New Year holidays.
Those who have verified their identities should apply for the issuance of a real card if they wish to use it at a real store.
* The virtual card number will be used when issuing the real card.
* A separate fee of 500 yen + consumption tax will be charged for issuing a real card.
* Real cards will be delivered by simple registered mail, no transfer required.Please make sure that your registered address is correct.
* Please note that we do not accept cancellations after applying for a real card.
When you register for the Choy-San app, a Visa virtual card will be issued,Available for shopping within the range of Choy-San balance.
"For information on Visa virtual cards, please check" Visa card information display "on the home.
"Please confirm the correct email address or the email address you registered.
・ Reception may be delayed in places where the reception environment is not good, so please try again in a place where the reception environment is good.
・ If you have set to receive emails to prevent spam, please remove the domain designation (@
Click here for the official Choy-San website.
Otasuke charge is a convenient charging method that can be used for shopping. The Choy-San balance (main wallet) will be charged immediately after use.
As the settlement date, please specify the date you want. (However, you can specify until the end of the month following the day of use.)
It is also possible to make a payment before the specified date.
[Charging method]
・Select Choy-San application Home → Charge → Otasuke charge
・Select the charge amount and press the charge button.
・Specify the settlement date and press the OK button.
*Identification is required to use.
*Under 18 years old is not available.
*The 30,000 yen charge can be used depending on the usage situation.
*A separate fee will be charged for use.
*Choy-SAn balance due to Otasuke charge cannot be withdrawn. Withdrawals and transfers between friends of the Choy-San app cannot be made at Seven Bank ATMs.
Click here for the official Choy-San website.
You can send money between friends in Choy-San. You cannot send money to a bank account or any other account.
Choy-San App Send → Select a remittance recipient → You can delete it from your friends list.
* It will also be deleted from the friend list of the deleted Choy-San friend.
Choy-San app My page → Personal information → Account settings The icon image set in is not reflected in the friend list.
The Choy-San friend you are sending money to may have left the Choy-San.
Please check with the transfer recipient yourself.
We will notify you by e-mail when the transaction is canceled.
* If you want to receive emails, turn on the mail delivery setting.You need to Choy-San App Home → My Page → Please check the email delivery settings.
Payment can only once.If you are asked,
please offer one-time payment.
It may not be available at some member stores.
■ Stores that cannot be used
Example) Utility charges (electricity, gas, water) / Telephone charges /Communication charges (Internet provider usage charges, satellite broadcasting and CATV viewing charges) / Newspaper subscription charges (including electronic version) / Insurance charges / Distance learning course fees / Others Monthly membership fee
・ gas station
・ Highway toll (manned booth)
・ In-flight sales, on-board sales
・ Use for the purpose of deposit (guarantee payment) at hotels and car rental (can be used to settle hotel and car rental fees)
・ Payment of various prepaid cards, electronic money, and charges
Depending on the shopping member store used (Visa member store), the amount used and the amount withdrawn may differ.
■ Example of use
・ In case of withdrawing a different amount from the used amount for the time being and withdrawing the correct amount after a few days
・ If there is an exchange rate fluctuation related to your currency
■ Example of billing at a later date
・ When adding a tip to the amount of money spent at restaurants, hotels, etc.
※Obviously, if the amount used and the amount withdrawn are different,please contact the customer desk.
It cannot be used for continuous payment.
Please check Choy-San app usage details-> history details. If the canceled usage is" prepaid ", domestic usage is 45 daysPlease wait for it to be canceled automatically after (10 days for overseas use). If "Store name" is displayed, please request the store again to cancel.
Shopping more than Choy-San balance or withdrawing money from ATM will be an error. Please use within the range of Choy-San balance.
Please select the coupon you want to use and show it at the time of payment.
Regarding transaction cancellation (return), please contact the store where you shop.
If you can't pay for shopping.
Even if you have a Choy-San balance, you cannot trade if it exceeds the transaction amount (1,000,000 yen).
You can use the QR code settlement at the stores we are affiliated with.
Visa virtual cards and Visa real cards can be used as Visa cards.
"Visa Virtual Card Information is on the Choy-San App HomeYou can confirm it in VISA card information display. Displayed cardPlease enter the number on the EC site.
Visa Real Cards can be used as is in real stores.Please be careful not to forget it, as you may be asked to enter your PIN.
If a transfer error occurs, the following possibilities are possible.
・ If the remittance friend has already withdrawn
・ If you have entered more than the maximum remittance amount
・ When the Choy-San balance limit of the destination is exceeded
Once the remittance is completed you can not cancel it. If the remittance destination friends cancel the amount Please contact us.
You can apply for a friend from the Choy-San app Home → Remittance → Select Remittance Recipient → Add Friend. You can also add by displaying or scanning the QR code.
You can send and receive the Choy-San balance within your friend circle of Choy-San app. You need to register as a friend in advance.
* If you have not verified your identity, you cannot send money(you can pick it up).
* If the recipient's Choy-San balance exceeds the limitation, remittance will not be possible.
If there is an error when withdrawing, the amount that can be withdrawn.There is a possibility that it has exceeded.
Overseas ATMs are not available.
Withdrawals at Seven Bank ATMs are possible.
You can check the amount you can withdraw from the Choy-San app home → Wallet menu.
The balance due to credit card charge cannot be withdrawn.
Cash withdrawals can be made using transactions on Seven Bank ATM smartphones.
* The maximum withdrawal is 500,000 yen.
Choy-San is a card that is not subject to identity verification service(3D secure).
You cannot register.
There is no insurance.
Please contact the customer desk immediately. You will also need to deliver it to the nearest police station or police box.
■ Choy-San Customer Desk (for lost or stolen cards only)
Phone number: 03-6757-3656
Reception hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week